There are a number of different ways to clean screens. Generally, you would take them off, stack them against a tree or the side of the house and proceed to clean the windows. Once that portion of the project is done, you need to clean the screens. Try any one of these methods:

1. If they are not that dirty, you can rinse them with a hose. This will remove any dust that has accumulated in the screen itself. Be sure to rinse from both sides. In Southern, desert states the screens just get very dusty. This method generally does not work in other climates as well.

2. If your screen needs a more attentive cleaning (and most do), you can soap it done with a wetter or sponge, wiping the frame in the process. This should remove most of the stuck on debris including leaves and cobwebs. Wash both sides and rinse with hose.

3. Some screens are very fragile and need a gentler touch. Try using a soft bristle or horse hair brush. Lightly brush the screen and the frame to remove dirt. Replacement parts are not available for screens on older homes and breaking one of these older screens, whether on the job or at your own house, can lead to a big headache.

4. Products such as Winsol and Magic Screen are available as well. They make the process very quick and easy. Spray the screen thoroughly after removing them, clean the windows and, (magically) when you return, they will have cleaned themselves. Actually the product dissolves and rinses off any dirt, debris and general goo. In fact, many window cleaners swear by this product but it can be expensive for daily use. Extreme heat may cause the product to dry to quickly however so try to work in the cooler morning hours.

The important thing to remember about bug screens is that they are a disposable item. They do not last as long as the windows they come and are not meant to. Frames bend out of position; plastic clips break and get lost in the bushes. Even the screening material is susceptible to damage from kids and pets. They can get dented, torn or completely ripped out of the frame. Eventually, over time, they won't come clean any longer. It is just the nature of the product. Most screens are just a fabric left exposed to the elements. Replacement screening material and tools for the job are available at your local hardware store.

Good luck with getting your screens cleaned. Hopefully the information helped.

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